Southern Laconia holds many magical and spiritual locations, both Impressive and overwhelming.

Our concept is to preserve these sites and sensibly integrate their peace and energy into our work with architecture.

We are Archeon, an international team, which is concentrated to realize architecture with an innovative concept of sustainability.

Our projects are concentrated in the Southern Laconia region of Greece (see map). The 2 main metropolitan areas of the region are Monemvasia on the east coast and small port town of Neapoli on the western finger of the Peleponnes peninsula. Both of these towns are an approx. 30 min drive over the mountains apart.

Both of the coastal areas east and west have largely remained very authentic, yet with differing landscapes and development, however both uniquely breathtaking!

The clean air and clear ocean waters, highly contribute to the recuperative value of the region, also the pristine beaches are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

As with much of Greece, Southern Laconia is characterized by agriculture. The very light flow of tourism to the area enables the region to maintain its authenticity. Our objective is to exclusively manage properties and service clients which offer an overall benefit to the region’s culture, people and future development.

View our pictures of landscapes and our movie about southern laconia !

    we are realizing vacation homes

           in Southern Laconia

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