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We design family and vacation homes in traditional and modern mediterranean style.

                                 Southern Laconia offers a lot of beautiful land.

The best time to invest in this region is now !  The current prizes for land are the best you can get in the mediterranean area. The return of investment

is one of the reasons to start now with the project otherwise it is the chance to get the most beautiful plots of land.

Our team has the highest experience in managing architectural projects in this region. (read more „about us“)

We have many selected proberties for our clients with the focus to realize their dream of a vacation home in highest quality.

We stand for a high grade architecture with regenerative energies and solar technology.(energy plus)

For a vacation home you need land with at least 4000 m2

The prices of land is different depending on the distance to the sea: available on request

The price for a vacation home depends on your demands.

For more information please contact us: