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We designed the single-story Atrium House with the focus on sustainability and clear forms.

The concept of the design offers the possibility to extend the living space.

The room height is 3.20 meters with ceiling high windows. The atrium functions as a windshield and integrate a waterplace

in the center of this space. We offer two sizes for the atrium, it depends on the kind of using this space. (for example as swimming pool).

The construction of the building can be realized as massive house made of stone or wood as well as in combination with both materials.

The high quality of the buildings ofcourse include solar technology and achieve the level of an energy-plus building, which generates more energy than it consumes.

For more information please contact us:

Architecture and concept: Juergen Steinhauser

Planned project: 4 vacation homes to be erected on a 3.0 acre site for year-around usage

Architecture with regenerative energies, solar technology

The beautiful plot of land is located south of Pantanassa and in the immediate vincinity of Neapoli. (East-Peloponnes, westcoast of Southern Laconia).

The port city of Neapoli lies approx.. 15 km to the south. Distance to the Athens airport is approx.. 300km, and 160km to the Kalamata airport.

Distance to Patras via ferry (Ancona/Italy) is approx.. 320km.

The way to the eastcoast to Monemvasia over the mountainhills is approx. 30 minutes by car.

The 5.0 acre site is located about 1000 m from the coast and has direct access to a public road.

A wide open view of the ocean and local mountains, a setting amongst a landscape of rolling hills, opens our imagination to creativity and meditation,

gives you a maximum of relaxation far away from our industrial or touristic characterized lifestyles.

A small lagoon serves as an anchor spot for boats, which can be a start-point for day-trips to neighboring islands such as Elafonissos or Kythera and for short

trips to Monemvasia or the Mani Penninsula.

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